Naming a company is one of the most difficult parts of creating a new brand identity. Getting the name right for our business was extremely important, not only because this is something that we do for our clients. We value having a unique and meaningful name that connects our audience with our story. 

A question that I expect to hear a lot after the launch of the brand is, “But if you don’t sell coffee, why is your name Café?”. The answer is a product of the process we worked through to re-name our firm (formerly ‘Barber Creative’). It started with examining a number of different kinds of names, and brainstorming all the possible options until we were blue in the face. We were unrelenting in the process, and worked tirelessly until we arrived at the winner.

What’s In A Name

Café immediately felt right, which is not typical especially when giving a new name to an existing brand. We are Café because it is emblematic of how and why we do the work we do. A café is a place to plan, collaborate, and set the vision for your future. It is a welcoming and creative place, where just being inside feels like you’re a part of a community. We immediately identified with the feeling of Café, and the direction it sets for our culture.

It especially reminds me of being in the start-up stage at Worksite Safety. When I was working out of a coffee shop with no proper office to speak of. It was in that startup phase that we had to focus on lean thinking, testing assumptions, and getting to a minimum viable product as fast as possible. This sort of lean thinking drove significant growth in revenue and market-share for Worksite, and is core to how we approach our work at Café.

Why We Exist

When I first founded Café (then Barber) in 2013, I was in the middle of experiencing the incredible impact that a strong brand identity, combined with a Lean Startup style product development and digital marketing strategy can have on a business. Worksite had transitioned in the first few years from training less than a thousand people a month to almost five thousand people per month, and it was incredible to see the business evolve as we continue to develop not only our product (the course and learning platform) but also our lead conversion and retention tools.

It was this experience of growth and strategic success combined with the ‘offline’ products and services companies in my network who were dealing with the struggle of marketing and growth (and my love of constant challenge) that inspired me to start taking my knowledge and experience out into the world, to help other brands and business leaders to experience the sort of growth that we had. So why do we exist? Our mission and vision statements articulate that best:

Our Mission
Our mission is to promote passionate brands who are doing excellent work, through artfully presented, insightful and compelling storytelling in the marketplace in order to drive measurable growth.

Our Vision
We see a world where brands, led by passionate people, are given the tools they need to connect with their audience, using highly engaging marketing materials and the power of a well-honed digital strategy to convert strangers into followers, followers into customers, and customers into advocates.

What Lies Ahead

With a renewed vision, a brand that we believe truly represents who we are and what we believe, and a number of exciting projects at various stages, we are looking forward with anticipation! We are thankful for being able to continue working with our awesome clients, and finding inspiring new ones to join us on our quest to expand the reach of passionate people doing exceptional work and making great things.

I hope that your resolutions and new beginnings are as exciting and inspiring as ours has been for us! We’d love to hear about them.

Jon Moore
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (905) 581-5526