As a highly specialized government funding firm, Fairtax stands out in their industry. They are mavens of grant funding, incentive application, and sales tax recovery for enterprise organizations. We have had the pleasure of working with them to connect with their audience through their marketing efforts, including recently working with the partners to establish an updated, fresh and exciting brand identity.

Having experienced a significant evolution as a company over the past years, through acquisition and organic growth by traditional means. With a new expanded market position, growing team, and big plans for the future they decided it was time to refresh their corporate image through an update in their brand identity.

The Process

As with many updates to existing brand identities, we needed to build on the existing ‘brand equity’ that existed in the marketplace, and within Fairtax’s existing audience. It was also important, that as they continue to expand that the identity ages well as they continue to pursue high-value and high-stakes relationships with some of the biggest brands in Canada. Thorough research of the competitive landscape was especially important, as in many cases their competition is made up of multi-national consulting firms, who don’t provide the same level of service or have nearly the same specialization. This is important not only so that they stand apart from their competition, but also that it visually fits in the industry in which they are competing.

The Result

The final outcome was indeed a maturation of the identity, providing a visual update and renewed standard in direction that aligns with their values of dedication, transparency and innovation. The mark saw a simplification, that alludes to the recurring yet changing nature of government funding, their constant involvement through accounting and funding cycles with their clients, and the variety of services they provide to create the whole funding strategy. The simplified typography and treatment works to reinforce the brand name as a noun unto itself rather than a compound word, a nod to the growth of services over past years beyond tax recovery and into full-scope funding consulting and solutions.