Established in 2011, Worksite Safety has seen exponential growth during a fairly short period of time. Having trained approximately 115,000 people across Canada during the first four years, it was understandable that changing the look of the brand or its main place of business (the website) was a sensitive undertaking.

Our work with Worksite safety maintained their original trustworthy, and industrial look and feel while moving into the present, and preparing for the future. Beyond facilitating the rebrand, Barber undertook a full web redesign for Worksite.

Rethinking the website not only included the visual presentation, but also encompassed a custom web application development project, creating a proprietary combination of e-commerce, online learning and user management functionality. The final release of this upgraded platform ultimately lead to a 25% increase in monthly revenue within six months.

Client: Worksite Safety Compliance Centre
Project: Worksite Safety Identity & Web Site Renewal
Type: Rebrand, Web Design & E-Commerce Development